Corporate Relocations

Corporate Relocations

Merchants Moving offers a variety of moving services for any need, whether you are moving across town or across the country. Our team has the experience necessary to ensure that all of your belongings end up at your new residence just as they left your old home. Please explore each of our moving services further in depth below:

For corporate relocation within the U.S., Merchants Moving & Storage, Inc. exceeds your expectations with proven deliverables, years of experience, and depth of resources, including the extensive Atlas network of relocation movers.

Moving internationally is complex and can be overwhelming to navigate on your own. A moving company well-versed in global relocation is the best way to ensure you’re covering all your bases. 

As a corporate relocation professional, you depend on timely and accurate information throughout the move management process. 

Do you have a lump sum, limited budget or moving allowance relocation? Merchants Moving & Storage Inc. can help. We have several different services and pricing options to choose from. 

Creating a relocation policy for your business can be a daunting task. For that reason, Merchants Moving & Storage, Inc. has put together a tailored template for you. Whether you are looking for something short and succinct, or need to cover all your bases, we have what you need.

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