Household Goods

Household Goods

If you are looking to store your household belongings during your moving process- we can help! As an Atlas agent, Merchants Moving & Storage, Inc. abides by the World-Class Commitment Guidelines. This is our assurance to you that we will always:

  • Provide outstanding quality service
  • Continuously improve to provide you with total service satisfaction
  • Dedicate ourselves to helping you solve all your moving and storage needs

Nothing but the very best care will be provided for storage of our customer’s valuable belongings.

Why Choose Merchants to Store Your Household Goods

At Merchants, we do everything we can to ensure that your household goods are safe and secure. Our storage methods ensure that your household goods are protected from theft, stay within a selected temperature range, and cannot be affected by potential hazards (such as water damage). Your household goods are stored in our facility and are, therefore, in the best of hands and are securely tucked away until you have need of them again.

Would you like to discuss your storage options with Merchants Moving & Storage? Contact us!