How to Make a Moving Day Survival Kit

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How to Make a Moving Day Survival Kit

Moving companies handle the majority of moving day stress, but keep yourself sane by being prepared. Create a moving day survival kit filled with essentials for your new home. A medium size box should be the right size to fit the items you will need on your first night in a new home.

Room by room, take a glance and note what you use daily:

Bedroom This is probably where you have your phone charger. Pack some pajamas and sheets and pillows depending on your sleeping arrangements.

Bathroom Review your morning and night routines. These routines will help you remember toothbrushes and medications. Put aside items need for showering, including towels and don’t forget a roll of toilet paper!

Kitchen You can decide if you want to put aside a couple of dishes, utensils, and cups or opt for disposable plates and utensils. Either way, you won’t want to scramble for these items when you’re starving after moving all day.

Office The office is a good place to pack away simple things like pen and paper as well as tools you might find useful like scissors or a razor blade to help open boxes. Collect necessary paperwork that you want to have handy. Don’t let your moving company receipts get lost in the shuffle, especially if you want to keep track of your work-related expenses.

Cleaning Supplies It can be helpful to have trash bags and sanitary wipes available to clean up any spills that may happen.

Write a list down before you begin packing to ensure that you don’t have to go searching through a sea of boxes. Whether you’re moving across town or leaving Boise having a moving day survival kit will make your transition much easier. If you are beginning the process of moving, we can help. Contact us today!