How to Utilize Storage When Moving

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How to Utilize Storage When Moving

Moving an office space is a huge endeavor no matter the size of your business. A strategy that is well thought out will ease some of a headache and ensure that you can settle into business as usual in your new building. Take some time before you move to consider the following.

Rank office equipment by use

Not every piece of furniture is used equally. Prioritize items used daily such as desks and chairs. Consider file cabinets that hold important documents that may rank high on your list. Other items such as lamps can probably come in last.

Separating functional from decorative

Artwork and decorative plants are a needed touch to an office but unnecessary for functionality. Differentiate what is purposeful from what is ornamental to create a bare-bones office that gets the job done. You can always leave the decorating for when the dust has settled.

Make use of a storage facility

Whatever is left over after moving items needed for daily business can go into a storage unit. Utilize a storage facility to clear out the old office space and not overwhelm the new one.

Using Movers

The most helpful thing you can do in this process is to hire movers. An office contains a lot of expensive machines. Movers will handle these carefully. They have the experience and equipment to move your software efficiently while you can relax knowing it will arrive safely.

Moving is stressful. When you move a business, you are taking on a whole new beast. It’s best to start the process knowing that everything will not happen overnight. Prepare in advance for the move by deciding what you need most in the new office space. Separate decorative and functional and utilize a storage facility to hold items that can be placed in the new office at a later date. Lastly, movers will handle your transition professionally. Don’t underestimate the convenience that having movers allows, even across a smaller city like Boise. If you are preparing for a move, contact us today!