Tips for an Environmentally Friendly Move

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Tips for an Environmentally Friendly Move

Are you making a move soon? If so, you are in the right place. We love to give people advice about their move and how to do it properly.

One more question: Do you care about the environment? If so, then you probably take measures to help protect the environment.

So if you’re moving, and you care about being eco-friendly, you’re probably interested in an environmentally friendly move. Here are some of our favorite tips.

A few ways that you can get started with environmentally friendly moving include:

Packing: The more efficiently that you pack, the less impact you are going to have on the environment. Fewer boxes and other packing materials used means that you are wasting less and throwing less away at the end of your move.

Downsizing/Recycle: Take time to get rid of and recycle items that you no longer need. If the items are still in good working order and you no longer wish to own them, you may look at having a yard sale or at donating the items. Other items can be recycled and put to better use.

Supplies: The cleaning supplies that you use during your move and at your new home can have a significant effect on the environment. It is easy to buy environmentally friendly cleaning supplies as opposed to those which are petroleum based and harm the environment. This simple switch can have a large impact!

Once you’ve completed your move, there are a few more ways to continue being eco-conscious. While cleaning your house or rental, use eco-friendly cleaning supplies.

You can cut down on junk mail, which is beneficial to both you and the environment. You can do this by either: calling the companies that are attached to all of your important bills and mail and change your address directly with the companies instead of through the U.S. Postal Service. Then inform family and friends with a letter, text or Facebook message that you moved and give them your new address. Or you can file a temporary change of address with your post office rather than a permanent one to cut down on junk mail at the new place. The U.S. Postal Service sells lists of permanent address changes to direct marketers but doesn’t bother doing so with temporary addresses.

To learn more about how you can stay green during your next move, please contact us today!